“I am so incredibly thankful for the time, effort and patience you all out into giving me my smile back. Never did you push me or disregard my input. You always were able to offer encourgement and good suggestions. I have recommended you to several people. (And I dont do that lightly!)” – Martha F.

“Wow! I’m so impressed reading the Blessing Hospital article about you and ‘Team Lenise’. From my first visit as your patient I liked what I saw and heard… you practice what you say, and also liked the fact you are a true Christian and a wonderful servant of God.” – Carol T.

“I’m so tickled with this! Thank you so much!!” – Kathy H.

“My smile has been like that forever! Now I’m going to go out and get my picture taken. I am so happy! Thank you so much!!” – Ann S.

“Thank you so much for telling me to go to the dermatologist about my nose! It was just what you thought, and I was able to catch the cancer early. I had 15 treatments, but now I’m fine. Thank you so much!!” – Ann Y.

“The neurologist told me I had Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have been perfectly fine since you adjusted how my back molars hit together! Thank you for helping me!” – Michelle T.

“Hi Dr. Paul,
Yesterday I went for a dental exam/cleaning (first time since the move) and the dentist complimented the work you did on Cerec. He said that he saw many Cerec crowns, but not like this one, it fit so nicely and precise.
Thank you for all you did for our family!” -Yulia B.

“I just love what you did with the laser on my gums! I didn’t say anything, but my family kept commenting that I must have done something because I looked so cheery! People kept commenting about it. And, I feel much more self-confident when I smile. So I’m really, really happy with what you did for me!” – Melissa C.

“Thank you so much for restoring the smile for our client Melinda. We all feel this will make a huge difference in her confidence and also to help her become employable. Thanks to you and your staff for being so kind to her- your generosity is unbelievably awesome!!” – The Staff of the Illinois Department of Human Services

“My girls love to come to the dentist!” – Sarah B.

“Dr. Obrock- you and your Staff are The VERY BEST!!!! Don’t forget (LOL) until I met you I was “skeered” of pain and dentists, which led to my teeth being so bad. Everything you have done for me was absolutely 100% comfortable and looks great! Thanks again for giving me my smile back!!” – George S.

“I used to get so upset with dental stuff, I always needed ‘happy gas’. Now, with you guys, it’s so easy I can fall asleep!” – Carla G.

“I’m so happy with my dental treatment. I feel my face is filled out with my new teeth!!” – Sandy K.

“Your staff is always nice and friendly… and Dr. Paul saw me for a problem when I didn’t even have an appointment!” – Jana A.

“I love you guys!” – Beth F.

“My mouth hasn’t felt this good in 60 years! Thank you so much!” – Gary A.

“I love my new smile! Thank you, thank you!! ” – Tom B.

“Ann spent so much time helping me with my insurance. The paperwork was SO confusing since it covers my whole family. She explained everything and I really appreciated her extra effort with me.” – Cindy R.

“Thank you Dr. Moon, for fixing my granddaughter’s smile! I know she was embarrassed about it, but you and your staff have done wonders for her self-confidence. Thank you SO MUCH!” – Shirley M.

“Wow! Oh my God! This looks so good!! I can’t believe it- thank you SO much!! Wow! Jennifer G.

“I just love coming to see you people. Over the years, I’ve been a patient in other dentist’s offices. You keep having to go back to finish something. You guys are super efficient and you get my stuff done without a lot of trips in. Plus, you do an awesome job with everything. It’s great.” – Peter C.

“You guys are the best” – Steve M.

“I can smile again! Thank you so much!!” – Kathy A.

“Wow! I’ve never had someone go over my health as thoroughly as you! And you really knew the issues with my dialysis. You’re more than a regular dentist!” Nancy S.

“This looks so awesome!! I’m so excited!!! I haven’t had white teeth since I was 5 years old!!” MaryBeth N.

“I feel SO much better! I really appreciate all you did to help me!” Chris R.

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for your kindness and caring. Kids Day was a great financial help and Dr. Obrock taking care of ****’s teeth was a great help. May God bless.” Lisa Z.

“Wow. This. Is. Amazing.” Mary O.

“My smile had been like that forever. Now I’m going to go out and have my picture taken! Thank you so much!! Kathy H.